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Our Commitment

Our sustainability strategy sets out our responsibilities and commitments across our business including our operations, our people and our investments.

Further details are included in our:

Annual Reports and Accounts

Sustainability Report

Utmost Group Sustainability strategy


Environmental Impact

Utmost Group has a responsibility to reduce its environmental impact and to protect the environment. Our business and our employees take this responsibility seriously.

Net Zero by 2050

Utmost Group is committed to transitioning our investment portfolio to be net zero in its carbon emissions by 2050

50% Reduction by 2030

The Group will reduce the carbon intensity of its investment portfolio 50% by 2030

Climate-Related Risks

The impacts of the risks relating to climate change are being assessed, measured, monitored, and managed across our business

Operational Emissions

The Group is actively taking steps to reduce its initial carbon footprint and as well as supporting carbon reduction programmes


Customer Outcomes

The provision of good client outcomes remains front and centre of our strategy. Our overall purpose is to build a brighter future for our clients.

Excellent Client Service

The Group provides excellent customer service and communicates openly and honestly with customers to support them in their savings journey

Investment Choice

The Group provides customers information around the ESG characteristics of their investments and is providing additional sustainable investment options in our guided ranges


The Group is investing in its digital architecture to ensure that policyholders and their advisors have access to enhanced self-service capabilities that are secure and robust


Responsible Investments

The Group is committed to taking a proactive approach to sustainable investing. Embedding and enhancing our responsible investment capabilities across our entire business will continue to be a key priority.

Signatory to the UN PRI

The Group is a signatory to the UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment, a gold standard responsible investment framework

Our Partners

The Group will only partner with asset managers who are signatories to the UN PRI

Managing our Investments

The Group monitors the ESG risk of its investments and funds, and sets limits on the maximum risk exposure it will take

IIGCC Membership

The Group is a member of the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change to support us in our journey towards net zero


Community Engagement

Utmost Group aims to make a positive difference to our employees, our customers and our communities.


Our Sustainability Working Group and Climate Steering Group comprises representation from across our business, by function and geography

Local Communities

The Group looks to be an active participant in our local communities, and provides support to employees to play their part through volunteering

Our Suppliers

The Group is working to introduce standards for its suppliers and as contracts come up for renewal, move towards sustainable contracting options

Reporting on our Progress

The Group will provide regular reporting on our progress against our commitments including in our Annual Report and Accounts and our TCFD report

Sustainability Report 2022

Sustainability Report 2022

Sustainability is at the heart of our strategy. Our Sustainability Report details the key sustainability milestones and progress that the Group has achieved.

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Our organisation exists to support current and future generations to prosper. It is imperative we continue to consider the impact of our activities over the long term, not just for our customers, colleagues and capital providers, but for future generations.

Paul Thompson

Utmost Group CEO

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Sustainability Logos

Our mission to provide good outcomes for current and future generations would not be complete without the unstinting and continual efforts to realise our environmental goals. Preserving the environment for future generations is a priority; protecting it is essential to our Group’s long-term future.

Paul Thompson

Utmost Group CEO